Environmental portrait workshop With Sean Boggs

Next date TBA fee $600

Location: In the Rocky Mountain towns of Eagle and Dotsero Colorado

12 of 12 Spaces Available

During this 2-day workshop I will be sharing a intimate interactive look at many of my techniques and philosophies in making a great environmental portrait. No questions will go unanswered. You will leave with a finished portfolio piece. Lunch is included on day 2, however, accommodations, breakfast, and dinner are not included. If you are attending please email me 5 images for your introduction that show who you are as an artist. On day 2 please bring a laptop with your choice of adobe products. I want to encourage interaction and cooperation as nearly all of this years attendees are professionals, So come with questions, comments and be ready to have some fun.

Day 2 will be outside in the evening, so bring appropriate clothing to work, get dirty and stay warm.

We have rented the fire training grounds in Dotsero. We have hired 2 members of the SWAT team and a fire crew as talent and to help create an exciting scene, so get ready for an awesome shoot.

Map Locator for Dotsero: https://goo.gl/maps/NWQasoWtERk


Day 1

Time Description
noon to 12:30 Intro discussion
Location Simpatico Co working in Eagle Ranch (over the Dusty Boot)
Here is a link to simpatico http://simpaticoworking.com
12:30 to 1:30 Mini portfolio review. Please email 5 images to Sean prior to the event. We will project them and talk about them. (2000 pixels on the long end)
3 to 7:30

We head to the location Eagle County Fire Training Center ( North Frontage Road Dotsero) with props, talent and lighting gear, then I will shoot 1 Env. Portrait using you as crew. Then you shoot environmental portraits using me and each other as crew with all the same resources
I'll shoot 1 more around 7  break the set around 7:30

 Day 2
Time Description
9 to 9:30 Morning Discussion with good coffee : )
9:30 to 11 Demonstration and discussion: Me Post-processing my portraits live on a projected screen
11 to 12:00 Lunch
12:00 to 1:30 You will post process your portraits with Sean and colleagues walking around to consult. (You need to bring a laptop with Adobe PS, LR and or Bridge)
1:30 – 2 We project attendees images and critique them
2 to  2:30 Discussion: Value of photography
3:00 Break and go get beer
Haberdasher_oneColor photograph of a haberdasher in a high end retail clothing store boutique.